Camphill Community and Independant Specialist Further Education College offering education, training and support for young people who have learning disabilities. On the outskirts of Wakefield, West Yorkshire. There are opportunities for volunteering.

2011 Creative Partnerships

Group 1 Engage and Startup – Dry stone walling

The group elected to receive a basic training in the art of Dry-stone walling delivered by a master craftsman. The project included history, geology, functional elements, project planning, tools, design drawings, and practical wall building in a real setting. It also provided supported attendance and outdoor cooking skills.


Group 2 Air and Space – Wind Turbine Technology

This group worked alongside an artist and a scientist to use sustainable or recycled materials to design and produce sculptural pieces that can be driven by the wind. The two organizations who agreed to partner with us on the project were NHS –mental health Insight team and also the Baptist church refuge centre for the homeless.

Group 3 Hands on Horses – Riding for the disabled

This element was to provide support for a vulnerable person to explore training with the RDA in horse care and stable management.

In all areas we have experienced positive feedback from participants, who reported an elevated sense of individual self esteem and confidence. They have expressed interest in continuing with this area of work and we are actively engaged in developing and managing this in the future.

The project aims to meet Wakefield’s cultural strategy.

Impact 1:  To increase the quality of the districts cultural facilities and activities.

Impact 2:  Increase cultural participation and improve opportunities for local people, strengthening neighbourhoods and communities across the district.

Impact 3: Improve the skills base and increase cultures contribution to the local economy.

Impact 4: Increase satisfaction levels with the cultural offer amongst local people.

Impact 5 Increase awareness of our cultural offer, locally nationally and internationally. Our aims were as follows:

Engage groups of vulnerable people

  • Working with real life projects, situations and experiences
  • E.g. Stone and foundry work, Elemental products. Eco / environmental studies. Animal care, Theatre and cultural studies, food production, retail and marketing.
  • Individual and group support and mentoring
  • Skills training and employment advice as required
  • Project development/ documentation/record keeping
  • To develop awareness and practice of health and safety issues and requirements
  • To develop self confidence and empowerment in the working environment
  • Further positive life choices and opportunity

The participants will be able to:

  1. Participate and work as part of a team
  2. Explore the business enterprise potential of the skills and products
  3. Improve understanding of crafts, science and communication
  4. Enjoy exploring and experimenting with practical and physical skills
  5. Develop self confidence, leadership and enterprise
  6. Keep a record of process, practice and achievement
  7. Develop and practice relevant health and safety rules
  8. Develop independence, identity and self esteem
  9. Extend ability to make positive life choices and improve motivation
  10. Contribute to an evaluation of the project and consider future goals.

The project will soon be entering into its second phase, working with similar groups and individuals to design, rehearse and produce a theatrical event in a public space. This event will be facilitated by Faceless Theatre and is a fast paced visually stunning outdoor adventure featuring colourful masks and amazing puppets. This will be supported with further training days to build on the skills the participants have experienced.

The final part of the project will be working with vulnerable and challenging groups to explore neon and glass work with internationally known graffiti and neon artists.

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