Local Volunteering

Volunteer a few hours each week

A number of people volunteer to help us in a variety of different ways. Some come to help give individual Literacy and Numeracy work. Others help by assisting in one of the craft workshops, covering for co-workers’ days off or giving that bit of extra time for someone. If you want to help there is always an opportunity. Over the years we have been helped by a number of retired people but equally there have been a steady flow of young people through the Duke of Edinburgh awards scheme and through the Prince’s Trust — our age range of helpers is quite extensive! Please get in touch by phoning 01924 255281 or email.

Volunteer for a day or so

Volunteers supporting a student to ride a horse

It’s more difficult to be able to give you enough time and support for just a day or so but there are many possibilities of just ‘opting in’ for a short time. If you can offer a regular involvement — a day a week or a day a month — we can usually offer you more. But even an odd day helping in the garden or on the farm is very much appreciated.

Special occasions

A small group of parents of students, friends, neighbours and who ever else offers their support, lend a hand with some of the grander occasions. This might be our Open Days, Craft Fairs or even weddings! Please contact us for more details or if you wish to be on our mailing list for concerts, events and performances.