Pennine is a charity and much of its work relies on people giving their time to volunteer and support our work. It can be very rewarding and fulfilling. There are many different options, and each and every offer is valued.

We are hoping to find a volunteer to help out on our farm from August click here for details.

People have have different amounts of time to give —

If you are able to commit yourself for a year, you may like to consider joining us at Pennine Camphill Community as a Volunteer Co-worker. Many young people from the European Union and beyond choose this option. Or you may wish to join us as a long-term, Vocational Co-worker. If you live locally you may be able to spare a few hours Volunteers supporting a student at Wakefield Riding for the Disabledevery week, or maybe one day a week. At certain times of the year we have a few places for short term volunteers.

Perhaps you have certain interests such as farm work or horse riding in which you could bring your knowledge and expertise. Or we may be able to offer training for you to be more fully able to help.

Please follow the links to find out more or e-mail volunteering@pennine.org.uk to enquire about our volunteering opportunities.