2012-13 Creative PartnershipsWMDC

Phase 2

Pennine Camphill Community was successful in their 2012 Creative Partnerships bid from WMDC.

This exciting opportunity also exists to work alongside other organisations who have received awards including Theatre Royal Wakefield, The Art House Faceless Company, the Hepworth Wakefield Yorkshire Sculpture Park and One to One Media Productions.

Please read below for an outline of the project.

We will work with vulnerable people who by illness or access issues are prevented from leading fulfilling and positive lives. It is crucial that we build into this project consideration and appropriate support for transporting participants to include arrival and departure support and sensitive interventions when required.
We will enable them to access skills based projects through our five dynamics of land based studies which are:
Nature, Time, Learning, Community, and Spirituality


 The Pennine Community is set in 56 acres of rural land to the south of Wakefield and contains a small farm with livestock, an organic garden and orchard. It lies between several other remarkable venues. It adjoins Newmillerdam village green with pedestrian access to Newmillerdam country Park, Seckar Woods and Woolley Moor. It is also a short distance from Bretton Sculpture Park and Pugneys water sports facilities.

NatureWe are a specialist residential college working with day and residential students with a new, purpose built award winning craft facility set in the middle of the community garden and farm, with direct access to RDA – Riding for the disabled, a riding and animal care facility based on our site.
We focus primarily on the organic care and protection of external environment through engaging people to explore their sensory processes through physical labour, or leisure activities to improve   physical health, and promote healing and well being.  We provide building and estate management skills to include care of stock, food cultivation, and local distribution. We explore issues of economic and eco friendly impacts on the local community. Engaging with nature, crafts and animals is our primary motivator when sharing skills with vulnerable people. Evidence of improved physical and mental health and realistic opportunities are well documented.


Time is an incredible facilitator of personal transition, It provides a circadian rhythm, can be adapted to each individuals personal speed and ability. It provides a regular structure to the day in order to eat, move, rest and sleep. Time can accommodate subtle variations to routines and also provide dramatic impacts to the timetable of each day. Time works with nature through the seasonal variations that stimulate our most primary senses of human warmth, food, shelter and the symbolic transitional changes of birth, growth, decline, death and compost.

Time management is crucial to understanding sequential consequences and nurturing positive outcomes for ourselves, nature and the land. Without this insight life can so easily become chaotic, unmanageable and therefore unproductive.

LEARNINGFelt balls

We will provide learning through physical and emotional participation and sensory integration within the natural environment. It is a therapeutic education, experimental and ongoing, offering consistent interventions, while honouring differences in our modern and multi- cultural community. We aim to create a learning environment that nourishes and nurtures each human spirit to improve each person’s feelings of confidence through meaningful tasks and learning opportunities relevant to them. These achievements can be recognised, measured evaluated and celebrated. We are adaptable and able to work with a range of achievement pathways through the supporting training bodies such as NVQ’s ASDAN OCN or NPCT all have elements of Land Based studies if that is supported and required.


Working with vulnerable people we explore their anxieties rather than focus on personal or social oppositional defiance. We are committed to a creative lifestyle with an ever deepening understanding and respect for the natural world and the real and symbolic lessons contained within it. These lessons are transferable and enable the development of personal reflection, transition, creativity and problem solving. It is a complex social experience that facilitates our ability to live together watching out for, working with and helping each other.

A complex and esoteric issue involving our recognition of the human spirit and its unique qualities held within each person. Our objectives and ethos are outside the logistical confines of a materialist model and relate to human values based on respect, trust, self discovery and love. In our daily lives we work towards finding goodness and light in our relationships, this is based on the acceptance of the spiritual uniqueness of each human being, regardless of disability or religious or racial background.

The work will be generally based in our land and estate studies workshop, with access to the Craft Hub facility. With relevant activities operating from the ‘fire field’ outdoor shelter which provides access to Raku kilns, Charcoal burner, forge and outdoor kitchen fire and oven.

We will also build opportunities into the project delivery structure for our participants to access other groups and communities locally that have relevance to their learning and development.

We currently have a range of artist practitioners, eco scientists and transitional engineers who have the flexibility experience and insight to facilitate, direct and evaluate this Real Lives – ‘ transitions’ project.
We have wider links regionally and internationally, along with a history of projects and training opportunities for and with creative humans from all over the world.