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TfSR is a national charity which was set up in 1979 as a practical way to support working people in some of the poorest parts of the world.

A small group at Pennine have started a Wakefield group refurbishing tools. We welcome newcomers, whatever skills you may offer. Please contact us at Pennine if interested.

Students in the TfSR workshop

We receive donated tools at Pennine but also have a collection point in Wakefield (Household Recycling Centre, Wakefield Transfer Station, Denby Dale Road Wakefield WF2 7AH).

What Tools for Self Reliance does

In Africa

Tools for Self Reliance

  • Contributes to poverty reduction by enabling people to proactively secure employment and an income which they can use to look after themselves and their families.
  • Works in Ghana, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi and Zambia
  • Works with African partner organisations in these countries to provide people with tools and training, and to identify additional support such as micro-finance.
  • Focuses on marginalised people such as youth who have not had schooling opportunities, single parents, those living with HIV/AIDS, people with disabilities and those living in rural areas where few formal job opportunities exist.
  • Gives beneficiaries the chance of employment enable them to improve their diets, send their children to school, pay for health care and improve their homes, while simultaneously improving their confidence and self esteem.

In the UK

  • Provides volunteering opportunities for hundreds of volunteers throughout the UK who work with us to support our programme in Africa.
  • Volunteers collect and refurbish donated tools, give talks about our work and help raise funds.
  • Volunteers themselves also benefit in different ways: having a sense of purpose, learning new skills or passing on skills learnt over a lifetime, and making new friends.
  • Volunteering also helps some people to cope with life-changing events such as unemployment, retirement and bereavement.


TfSR, Netley Marsh, Southampton, SO40 7GY
Tel +44 (0)23 8086 9697; Fax +44 (0)23 8086 8544