Website Features

Screen Readers

The Pennine website has been built with several features to make it user friendly and accessible. The site can be used with a screen reader and navigation appears after the content to make it easier for screen reader users to get to the actual content.

High Contrast Layout

The website has a Default Style controlling the layout and colour scheme of each page. On the side of each page there is a link labelled High Contrast clicking this will enable an alternative layout for lower vision users. The website will remember your choice so that when you navigate around the Pennine website your style choice will be remembered. Simply click Default Style to return back to the default layout.

Text Size

The default size of the text on screen can be altered (both in default and high contrast styles) by using the text size option in your browser. To change the text size look for the View Menu and select Text Size or Text Zoom and choose an alternative size for the text on screen.

Printing Pages

All pages on the Pennine website have a special print style sheet. Pages can be printed directly from your browser window. You can preview a page first, select the File Menu followed by Print Preview. Each page will print without the navigation links and images, saving you ink and paper!